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# Rocket.Chat Apps CLI
The Rocket.Chat Apps CLI for interacting with Apps.
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Extremely simple.
npm install -g
## Rocket.Chat App Development
### Logging Inside an App
Due to limitations of NodeJS's `vm` package we have had to implement a custom logger class.
To make usage of this you can use `this.getLogger()` and then do the normal `console` style logging.
### `rc-apps create`
The development tools provide a command to quickly scaffold a new Rocket.Chat App, simply run `rc-apps create` and a new folder will be created inside the current working directory with a basic App which does nothing but will compile and be packaged in the `dist` folder.

### App description

The app description file, named `app.json`, contains basic information about the app. You can check the [app-schema.json]( file for all the detailed information and fields allowed in the app description file, the basic structure is similar to this:

    "id": "5cb9a329-0613-4d39-b20f-cc2cc9175df5",
    "name": "App Name",
    "nameSlug": "app-name",
    "version": "0.0.1",
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    "requiredApiVersion": "^1.4.0",
    "description": "App which provides something very useful for Rocket.Chat users.",
    "author": {
        "name": "Author Name <>",
        "support": "Support Url or Email"
    "classFile": "main.ts",
    "iconFile": "beautiful-app-icon.jpg"

### Extending the App class

The basic creation of an App is based on extending the `App` class from the Rocket.Chat Apps _definition_ library. Your class also has to implement the constructor and optionally the `initialize` function, for more details on those check the [App definition documentation](
} from '';
import { App } from '';
import { IAppInfo } from '';

export class TodoListApp extends App {
    constructor(info: IAppInfo, logger: ILogger, accessors: IAppAccessors) {
        super(info, logger, accessors);

    public async initialize(configurationExtend: IConfigurationExtend, environmentRead: IEnvironmentRead): Promise<void> {
        await this.extendConfiguration(configurationExtend, environmentRead);
        this.getLogger().log('Hello world from my app');

### Packaging the app

Currently the Rocket.Chat servers and Marketplace allow submission of zip files, these files can be created by running `rc-apps package` which packages your app and creates the zip file under `dist` folder.
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### Uploading the app 
For uploading the app you need add to the required parameters in the .rcappsconfig already created in the apps directory. It accepts two types of objects:-

1. Upload using username, password

    url: string;
    username: string;
    password: string;
2. Upload using personal access token and userId 

    url: string;
    userId: string;
    token: string;

### Enabling autocomplete for commands

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To enable autocomplete for the apps cli use the command `rc-apps autocomplete <your-shell-type>` with the shell type as zsh or bash as the supported types. This would provide a step by step instruction to enable shell completion in your preferred shell.