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    GSoC2020/Hot-reload (#64) · aef99a0f
    ritwizsinha authored
    * Experimental HOT-RELOAD
    * Error correction
    * Corrected some errors
    * Added description for command help
    * Removed 'watching your app' message after every update
    * Added filewatcher event ready to run deploy first time without any change
    * Added ability to wait before filewatcher event is emitted and removed cli prompt with cli log
    * Fix unhandled promise error
    * Allow user to add an remove files from the watchlist
    * Fixed alerts
    * Separate deploy and package logic from deploy command
    * Used deploy functions in watch command
    * Removed deploy helpers class and added singular functions instead
    * Added config to store server variables
    * Added the correction made in another pr
    * Add config file to store and retrieve the serverInfo
    * Code improvements in watch command
    * Added serverInfo.json to the ignored list
    * Added userid and token to config
    * Added listr to deploy command and added error message instead of object
    * Refactored the code
    * Added test for watch command
    * Removed Listr package and its implementationfrom deploy and watch
    * Remove asking for serverinfo in the create command
    * Code improvements
    * Added instructions to upload to Readme
    * Improve code and cli functionality for better user experience
    1. Corrected grammar for flag descriptions
    2. Removed irrelevant try catch blocks
    3. Removed error message when updating of app fails
    4. Remove serverInfo.json and add .rcappconfig.json for storing the apps configuration
    5. Remove hardcoded ignored files and added them as configuration for the app
    * Update readme
    * Added check before uploading or updating
    * Review improvements
    1. Removed addFiles and remFiles flags in watch
    2. Removed the .json file extension from .rcappsconfig, now reading it as normal string and erroring out if format is not json
    3. All login variables added as flags in both watch and deploy commands
    4. Made .rcappsconfig optional
    5. The login credentials presented in flags overrides those in the config file(if present)
    6. Made required checks for acheiving this
    * Better error handling messages
    * Added review changes
    1. Added double slash in url
    2. Run checkReport dicreetly before package and zip
    3. Converted hardcoded unicode to readable strings
    4. Updated Readme
    * Removed create command error by removing packaging from creation
    * Fix edge cases in fetching server Info
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