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Add a login command

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import { Command, flags } from '@oclif/command';
import chalk from 'chalk';
import cli from 'cli-ux';
import * as inquirer from 'inquirer';
import { CloudAuth } from '../misc/cloudAuth';
export default class Login extends Command {
public static description = 'steps through the process to log in with Rocket.Chat Cloud';
public static flags = {
help: flags.help({ char: 'h' }),
public async run() {
inquirer.registerPrompt('checkbox-plus', require('inquirer-checkbox-plus-prompt'));
const cloudAuth = new CloudAuth();
const hasToken = await cloudAuth.hasToken();
if (hasToken) {
await cloudAuth.getToken();
cli.log(chalk.green('you are already logged in!'));
} else {
try {
cli.log(chalk.green('*') + ' ' + chalk.gray('waiting for authorization...'));
await cloudAuth.executeAuthFlow();
} catch (e) {
cli.action.stop('failure to authenticate.');
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