Commit aa52b2be authored by Douglas Gubert's avatar Douglas Gubert

Add go-publish-alpha npm script

parent 0b88a181
......@@ -66,3 +66,7 @@ gulp.task('publish', gulp.series(clean_generated, lint_ts, compile_ts, shell.tas
], [
'cd definition && npm publish --access public && npm pack'
gulp.task('publish-alpha', gulp.series(clean_generated, lint_ts, compile_ts, shell.task([
'npm publish --access public --tag alpha && npm pack'
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
"fix-lint": "tslint --project tsconfig.json --fix",
"compile": "gulp compile",
"go-publish": "gulp publish",
"go-publish-alpha": "gulp publish-alpha",
"unit-tests": "ts-node ./tests/runner.ts",
"test-and-coverage": "nyc npm run unit-tests && nyc report",
"view-coverage": "npm run test-and-coverage && http-server coverage -p 9082 -c-1",
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