Unverified Commit 16e2f49d authored by Guilherme Gazzo's avatar Guilherme Gazzo Committed by GitHub
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fix: Divider variable color (#285)

parent 44f81984
@use '../../styles/colors.scss';
@use '../../styles/lengths.scss';
$divider-color: theme('divider-color', colors.neutral(300));
.rcx-divider {
margin-block: lengths.margin(8);
border: lengths.border-width(1) solid colors.neutral(300);
border: lengths.border-width(1) solid $divider-color;
......@@ -113,6 +113,6 @@ $sidebar-item-color-selected: colors.foreground('hint');
padding-block: lengths.padding(12);
padding-inline: lengths.padding(16);
color: colors.foreground(info);
color: colors.foreground(hint);
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