Commit 61cec87d authored by Guilherme Gazzo's avatar Guilherme Gazzo
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fix yarn lock

parent ca301a6b
......@@ -7746,6 +7746,11 @@ electron-to-chromium@^1.3.378, electron-to-chromium@^1.3.413:
resolved ""
integrity sha512-YqAL+NXOzjBnpY+dcOKDlZybJDCOzgsq4koW3fvyty/ldTmsb4QazZpOWmVvZ2m0t5jbBf7L0lIGU3BUipwG+A==
version "1.0.2"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-+3cNhtv8YIyk/oDSlBv+zqUjQFcF9puLp4TFIk2w0Gqd6IL2uZnnu0jvDdOaI7dsK1bIA9gG69KIvkEyUFVGRg==
version "1.2.1"
resolved ""
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