Unverified Commit bcbe65cc authored by Renato Becker's avatar Renato Becker Committed by GitHub

Changed the "Powered by Rocket.Chat" pt-BR string. (#166)

parent ad711a76
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......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
"ok_c47544a2": "OK",
"options_3ab0ea65": "Opções",
"please_tell_us_some_informations_to_start_the_chat_7d6b71de": "Por favor, nos passe algumas informações antes de iniciar o chat",
"powered_by_rocket_chat_4d7c2ab4": "Distribuído por Rocket.Chat",
"powered_by_rocket_chat_4d7c2ab4": "Desenvolvido por Rocket.Chat",
"restore_chat_3bfecf2b": "Restaurar o chat",
"room_name_changed_9c42350a": "Nome da sala alterado",
"send_e3bd0ed0": "Enviar",
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