Unverified Commit b166d59c authored by Djorkaeff Alexandre's avatar Djorkaeff Alexandre Committed by GitHub
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[FIX] Markdown Line Break (#1783)

parent 9e4cef57
......@@ -3331,7 +3331,7 @@ commondir@^1.0.1:
version "0.29.0"
resolved "git+https://github.com/RocketChat/commonmark.js.git#e50f039d1189372853f0731fbfca2d1d3efc04f8"
resolved "git+https://github.com/RocketChat/commonmark.js.git#fe037b1c97ca5bc7d329ef312bf9a374ab8f3d4a"
entities "~ 1.1.1"
mdurl "~ 1.0.1"
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