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    feat(ddp): Replace Asteroid with custom module · 54fe4eea
    Tim Kinnane authored
    Refactor and tests based on work under PR #33
    Major changes:
    - Replace Asteroid DDP (mostly by Jose Renan)
    - Convert to promise based socket calls (event emit fallbacks)
    - API helpers for Livechat
    - Test coverage for DDP and driver
    - Driver methods deprecated in favour of DDP
    Minor changes:
    - `subscribeToMessages` not required to `respondToMessages`
    - Add contributors to package
    - New interfaces for better intellisense
    - Debugging in vscode
    - Add utils lib for shared functions
    - Use browser bundle friendly deps
    - Put all interfaces together
    - Use valid but throw-away email
    - Use implicit function return typing
    - Depreciated methods that proxy DDP
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