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......@@ -268,9 +268,32 @@ but have not been joined yet this method will join to those rooms automatically.
If `allPublic` is true, the `rooms` option will be ignored.
### `driver.setCustomClientData(clientData)`
Set additional data about the client using the SDK to be sent to the server.
It must be called before the `driver.login()` function, otherwise it will have no effect.
Useful only when adding new features in Rocket.Chat that depend on the client.
For example, a ExampleBotFramework adapter might have a feature that allows an
admin to reset its connection to ExampleBotFramework's servers. Other frameworks
do not have this feature, so the bot manager interface in Rocket.Chat will have
to differentiate between them, hence the need to define its data.
framework: 'ExampleBotFramework',
canResetConnection: true
Then, Rocket.Chat's interface will check if the bot is able to reset its connection and
show an UI to allow the admin to do that.
### `driver.registerCommandHandler(key, callback)`
[Click here](#) to know more about ClientCommands
[Click here](https://rocket.chat/docs/developer-guides/client-commands/) to know more about ClientCommands
Register a function `callback` to handle incoming clientCommands that are not at the SDK-level and have the given `key`.
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