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......@@ -282,12 +282,11 @@ The `callback` receives a `ClientCommand` object as the first parameter and retu
- ClientCommand.u._id: ID of the user,
- ClientCommand.u.username: Username of the user
- ClientCommand.cmd: Object representing the command itself
- ClientCommand.key: String key of the command
- ClientCommand.options: Addional options or parameters of the command, no defined structure
- ClientCommand.cmd.key: String key of the command
- ClientCommand.ts: Timestamp of when the command was issued
`ClientCommandResponse` object structure:
- ClientCommandResponse.status: ID of the success status of the response (still unused)
- ClientCommandResponse.success: Boolean indicating the success status of the command
- ClientCommandResponse.msg: Message response to the command
### `driver.asyncCall(method, params)`
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