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Add quick start for plain vanilla node 8

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Application interface for server methods and message stream subscriptions.
## Quick Start
Add your own Rocket.Chat BOT, running on your favorite Linux, MacOS or Windows system.
First, make sure you have the latest version of [nodeJS](https://nodejs.org/) (nodeJS 8.x or higher).
node -v
In a project directory, add Rocket.Chat.js.SDK as dependency:
npm install @rocket.chat/sdk --save
Next, create _easybot.js_ with the following:
const driver = require('@rocket.chat/sdk').driver;
// customize the following with your server and BOT account information
const HOST = 'myserver.com';
const USER = 'mysuer';
const PASS = 'mypassword';
const BOTNAME = 'easybot'; // name bot response to
const SSL = true; // server uses https ?
const ROOMS = ['GENERAL', 'myroom1'];
var myuserid;
// this simple bot does not handle errors, different messsage types, server resets
// and other production situations
const runbot = async () => {
const conn = await driver.connect( { host: HOST, useSsl: SSL})
myuserid = await driver.login({username: USER, password: PASS});
const roomsJoined = await driver.joinRooms(ROOMS);
console.log('joined rooms');
// set up subscriptions - rooms we are interested in listening to
const subscribed = await driver.subscribeToMessages();
// connect the processMessages callback
const msgloop = await driver.reactToMessages( processMessages );
console.log('connected and waiting for messages');
// when a message is created in one of the ROOMS, we
// receive it in the processMesssages callback
// greets from the first room in ROOMS
const sent = await driver.sendMessageByRoom( BOTNAME + ' is listening ...',ROOMS[0]);
console.log('Greeting message sent');
// callback for incoming messages filter and processing
const processMessages = async(err, message, messageOptions) => {
if (!err) {
// filter our own message
if (message.u._id === myuserid) return;
// can filter further based on message.rid
const roomname = await driver.getRoomName(message.rid);
if (message.msg.toLowerCase().startsWith(BOTNAME)) {
const response = message.u.username +
', how can ' + BOTNAME + ' help you with ' +
message.msg.substr(BOTNAME.length + 1);
const sentmsg = await driver.sendMessageByRoom(response, roomname);
Make sure you customize the constants to your Rocket.Chat server account.
Finally, run the bot:
node easybot.js
<insert screenshot of bot working on a server>
## Overview
Using this package third party apps can control and query a Rocket.Chat server
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