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Add quick start for plain vanilla node 8
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......@@ -5,6 +5,91 @@
Application interface for server methods and message stream subscriptions.
## Quick Start
Add your own Rocket.Chat BOT, running on your favorite Linux, MacOS or Windows system.
First, make sure you have the latest version of [nodeJS](https://nodejs.org/) (nodeJS 8.x or higher).
node -v
In a project directory, add Rocket.Chat.js.SDK as dependency:
npm install @rocket.chat/sdk --save
Next, create _easybot.js_ with the following:
const { driver } = require('@rocket.chat/sdk');
// customize the following with your server and BOT account information
const HOST = 'myserver.com';
const USER = 'mysuer';
const PASS = 'mypassword';
const BOTNAME = 'easybot'; // name bot response to
const SSL = true; // server uses https ?
const ROOMS = ['GENERAL', 'myroom1'];
var myuserid;
// this simple bot does not handle errors, different messsage types, server resets
// and other production situations
const runbot = async () => {
const conn = await driver.connect( { host: HOST, useSsl: SSL})
myuserid = await driver.login({username: USER, password: PASS});
const roomsJoined = await driver.joinRooms(ROOMS);
console.log('joined rooms');
// set up subscriptions - rooms we are interested in listening to
const subscribed = await driver.subscribeToMessages();
// connect the processMessages callback
const msgloop = await driver.reactToMessages( processMessages );
console.log('connected and waiting for messages');
// when a message is created in one of the ROOMS, we
// receive it in the processMesssages callback
// greets from the first room in ROOMS
const sent = await driver.sendMessageByRoom( BOTNAME + ' is listening ...',ROOMS[0]);
console.log('Greeting message sent');
// callback for incoming messages filter and processing
const processMessages = async(err, message, messageOptions) => {
if (!err) {
// filter our own message
if (message.u._id === myuserid) return;
// can filter further based on message.rid
const roomname = await driver.getRoomName(message.rid);
if (message.msg.toLowerCase().startsWith(BOTNAME)) {
const response = message.u.username +
', how can ' + BOTNAME + ' help you with ' +
message.msg.substr(BOTNAME.length + 1);
const sentmsg = await driver.sendMessageByRoom(response, roomname);
The above code uses async calls to login, join rooms, subscribe to
message streams and respond to messages (with a callback) using provided
options to filter the types of messages to respond to.
Make sure you customize the constants to your Rocket.Chat server account.
Finally, run the bot:
node easybot.js
_TBD: insert screenshot of bot working on a server_
## Overview
Using this package third party apps can control and query a Rocket.Chat server
......@@ -36,9 +121,13 @@ Currently, there are two modules exported by the SDK:
Access these modules by importing them from SDK, e.g:
ES6 `import { driver, methodCache } from '@rocket.chat/sdk'`
For Node 8 / ES5
ES5 `const { driver, methodCache } = require('@rocket.chat/sdk')`
`const { driver, methodCache } = require('@rocket.chat/sdk')`
For ES6 supporting platforms
`import { driver, methodCache } from '@rocket.chat/sdk'`
See [Asteroid][asteroid] docs for methods that can be called from that API.
......@@ -46,38 +135,6 @@ Any Rocket.Chat server method can be called via `driver.callMethod`,
`driver.cacheCall` or `driver.asyncCall`. Server methods are not fully
documented, most require searching the Rocket.Chat codebase.
The following ES6 demo uses async calls to login, join rooms, subscribe to
message streams and respond to messages (with a callback) using provided
options to filter the types of messages to respond to.
This example can be executed with the testing instance by running `yarn start`,
to allow manual testing, once subscription is setup try sending DMs to the bot
user and they should be logged in console.
import { driver } from '@rocket.chat/sdk'
async function startReceiving () {
await driver.connect({ host: 'localhost:3000', useSsl: true })
await driver.login({ username: 'bot', password: 'pass' })
await driver.joinRooms(['GENERAL'])
await driver.subscribeToMessages()
await driver.respondToMessages((err, message, msgOpts) => {
console.log('received message', message, msgOpts)
}, {
allPublic: false,
dm: true,
livechat: false,
edited: true
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