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# RocketChatViewController

RocketChatViewController is a Swift library that Rocket.Chat created to facilitate other teams to have a chat screen inside their applications. The library implements most functionality needed, such as displaying and updating the list of messages with a powerful diffing algorithm; a customizable message composer, with already-implemented features such as message autocompletion, editing, quoting, send and upload buttons.
We've been using RocketChatViewController in our [iOS application]( for a while now so it's very stable and you can already use it in your iOS app.
The architecture of the list is purely inspired in [IGListKit]( and depends on [DifferenceKit]( library to run the differences on the list elements. The whole list is completely `UIKit` based and works on top of a `UICollectionView`.

## Creators

- [@cardoso](
- [@filipealva](
- [@rafaelks](