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GitBook: [#1635] Add instructions for setting up the livechat widget when using a different domain

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......@@ -19,3 +19,9 @@ Go to **Livechat Installation** in the omnichannel panel settings, as shown belo
![](<../../.gitbook/assets/1 (11).png>)
1. Paste this code above the last **\</body>** tag on your site; the livechat widget will appear on the bottom right corner on your webpage.
#### Deploying livechat widget to a different domain
If you are running the livechat widget from a different domain to your Rocket.Chat server you need to disable the **Restrict access inside any iframe** option under the General settings as shown in the screenshot below.&#x20;
![Administration > General](../../.gitbook/assets/restrict-access-inside-any-iframe.png)
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