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* [Channels](guides/user-guides/channels.md)
* [Connect to a server](guides/user-guides/connecting-to-a-server.md)
* [Multi-users Direct Message](guides/user-guides/direct-messages-between-multiple-users.md)
* [End to End Encryption](guides/user-guides/end-to-end-encryption.md)
* [End to End Encryption Guide](guides/user-guides/end-to-end-encryption.md)
* [User Panel](guides/user-guides/user-panel/README.md)
* [My Account](guides/user-guides/user-panel/managing-your-account.md)
* [Logging into a server](guides/user-guides/login.md)
# End to End Encryption
# End to End Encryption Guide
> Note: This feature is currently in beta. Encrypted messages of encrypted rooms will not be found by search operations. The mobile apps may not support the encypted messages \(currently under implementation\). Bots may not be able to see encrypted messages until they implement support for it. Uploads will not be encrypted in this version.
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