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......@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@ description: >-
# OmniChannel Guides
Rocket.Chat had minimal Livechat as a feature for a long time.
Recently the demand for production-grade Livechat has increased, so we did a complete rewrite of the package.
......@@ -103,8 +105,31 @@ If you are a GDPR complaint company and want to allow your visitors to request t
5. Display offline form.
6. Validate email address.
as shown below:
Now customize the appears of your livechat widget here, for the hours when none of your agents are online/working.
1. Set **Offline Form Unavailable Message**, if any.
2. Set **Offline Tittle.**
3. Set Title ****bar **Color** for offline widget.
4. Give instructions, if any.
5. Set the email address where you want to receive your offline messages.
6. Set success message to display to the visitor when they have sent their message offline
as shown below:
Some more settings that you can customise according to your needs are shown below:
### RD Station
### Routing
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