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* [Custom Fields](guides/administrator-guides/omnichannel/custom-fields.md)
* [Livechat Triggers](guides/administrator-guides/omnichannel/livechat-triggers.md)
* [Livechat Widget Installation](guides/administrator-guides/omnichannel/livechat-widget-installation.md)
* [Livechat Appearance](guides/administrator-guides/omnichannel/livechat-appearance.md)
* [Business Hours](guides/administrator-guides/omnichannel/multiple-business-hours.md)
* [Monitors](guides/administrator-guides/omnichannel/monitors.md)
* [Priority queue](guides/administrator-guides/omnichannel/priority-queue.md)
description: >-
In this section, you can find out how to customize the appearance of your
livechat widget.
# Livechat Appearance
To access **Livechat Appearance** settings:
Go to **Livechat Appearance** in the omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
You can customize the widget in the following four states.
## Omnichannel On-line
1. Set the title of your widget.
2. Set the color of the title bar of your widget.
3. Set the allowed message character length.
4. Show your agent’s information if you want. This information is the username.
5. Show your agent’s email address if you prefer, as shown below:
So according to the above settings, during online hours, your livechat widget appears, as shown below:
## Omnichannel Offline
Customize the appears of your livechat widget here, for the hours when none of your agents are online/working.
1. Turn on the offline form.
2. Set **Offline Form Unavailable Message**, if any.
3. Set **Offline Message**, if any.
4. Set **Offline Tittle.**
5. Set **Title bar color offline**.
6. Set the email address where you want to receive your offline messages.
7. Set success message to display to the visitor when they have sent their message offline.
So your livechat widget appears according to the above settings, during offline hours.
## Registration Form
Here you set up the fields you want to show on the registration form.
1. Enable the registration form.
2. Show Name field.
3. Show the Email field.
4. Show any message on the registration form if you want. It appears right under the widget title.
## Conversation Finished
1. Set up the message you want to display to the visitor when the conversation is finished.
2. Set up the message you want to display to the agent when the conversation is finished.
As shown below:
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