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* [Administrator Guides](guides/administrator-guides/README.md)
* [General](guides/administrator-guides/general.md)
* [CDN](guides/administrator-guides/cdn.md)
* [White-Labeling](guides/administrator-guides/white-labeling/README.md)
* [White-Labeling \(Server and Web App\)](guides/administrator-guides/white-labeling/README.md)
* [Advanced White-Labeling](guides/administrator-guides/white-labeling/advanced-white-labeling.md)
* [Basic White-labeling](guides/administrator-guides/white-labeling/basic-white-labeling.md)
* [Connectivity Services](guides/administrator-guides/connectivity-services.md)
# White-Labeling
# White-Labeling \(Server and Web App\)
When using Rocket.Chat you have a plethora of customization options, ranging from basic color switching to full css control. Here you will find all the guides you need to customize your Rocket.Chat Server.
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