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## Cloud Accounts
#### I already canceled my workspace but it is still in the “Cancelling” status and is accessible.
Please, note that in case you cancel your workspace in the middle of billing period it will be accessible and in the “Cancelling” status till the end of your billing period.
If, for example, you are charged on the 5th of every month and decided to cancel the subscription on the 20th of December or later - your workspace will be operational till the 5th of January \(this way we want to give customers the opportunity to use what they paid for\). After this, it will stop running and will switch to “Cancelled”.
#### How do I cancel my cloud subscription?
If you want to end your subscription, please note that it can be done only by the workspace administrator in your Cloud Console \([cloud.rocket.chat](https://cloud.rocket.chat/)\) : navigate to Workspaces -> click on the three dots at the end of the correspondent workspace line -> select **Cancel**.
This will stop your subscription and hibernate your server \(your server will still exist in case you want to get back to Rocket.Chat later\).
If you need a database dump or if you want to permanently delete your workspace and all the data associated with it - submit a ticket here on our Helpdesk or drop an email to [support@rocket.chat](mailto:support@rocket.chat) with the respective request.
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