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description: >-
Livechat triggers is a setting that opens the livechat widget on your website
automatically. Your visitor will not have to go and open the widget. Livechat
Trigger will open the widget for them.
# Livechat Triggers
To access **Livechat Triggers** settings:
Go to Omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
Livechat Triggers menu appears, as shown below:
## To set up a new trigger:
1. Hit **New Trigger**.
On the New Trigger screen:
2. Enable your new trigger.
3. Please select whether you want to run it for each visitor or want it to be a recurring pop-open. \(e.g., If your user goes to a different website and comes back to the same website, it pops-open\)
4. Name your new trigger.
5. Mention its description.
6. Choose whether you want your livechat widget to pop-open once the user visits a particular page of your website in **Condition**.
Or if you want to open it after a set time elapsed for the user while being on the page.
Mention the time in seconds.
7. Mention the **Action** you want your livechat widget to take. For now, there is only one option of sending a message to the visitor.
You can also select if you want to impersonate the next available agent in the queue or use a bot/custom agent.
Type your message.
8. Hit **Save**.
Your new livechat trigger is saved, as shown below:
## To delete a livechat trigger:
1. Hit **Remove**.
2. Click **Yes**.
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