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* [Create Private Groups](api/realtime-api/method-calls/create-private-groups.md)
* [Delete Message](api/realtime-api/method-calls/delete-message.md)
* [Delete Rooms](api/realtime-api/method-calls/delete-rooms.md)
* [End-to-End Encryption](api/realtime-api/method-calls/e2e/README.md)
* [End-to-End Encryption API](api/realtime-api/method-calls/e2e/README.md)
* [Fetch My Keys](api/realtime-api/method-calls/e2e/e2e.fetch-my-keys.md)
* [Get Users of Room Without Key](api/realtime-api/method-calls/e2e/e2e.get-users-of-room-without-key.md)
* [Set Room Key ID](api/realtime-api/method-calls/e2e/e2e.set-room-key-id.md)
# End-to-End Encryption
# End-to-End Encryption API
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