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description: >-
OmniChannel adds the ability to receive conversations from a pop-up livechat
support on your website and your business facebook chat directly in
# OmniChannel Admin Guide
Rocket.Chat had minimal Livechat as a feature for a long time.
Recently the demand for production-grade Livechat has increased, so we did a complete rewrite of the package.
## Activation
### Enable Livechat feature
To enable the Livechat feature on your Rocket.Chat instance:
1. Go to **Administration.**
2. Search '**Omnichannel'** in **Settings** and enable it.
Now the admin will have access to _**Omnichannel Panel Settings**_ **** through a new menu called `Omnichannel` at the top left corner dropdown menu, as shown below:
## Configuration
### **OmniChannel Basic Settings**
1. Enable Omnichannel on your Rocket.Chat instance.
2. Enable/Disable request comment from the agent when closing a conversation.
3. Enable/Disable acceptance of new omnichannel requests when the agent is idle
4. Enable/Disable continuous sound notification for new omnichannel room/conversation.
5. Enable/Disable file uploads in livechat widget.
6. Enable/Disable asking the visitor if they would like a trascript of the conversation.
7. Enter the message to show when asking for a transcript.
### Business Hour
The feature turns on the omnichannel toggle for the set business hours automatically. And you will be able to receive omnichannel conversations after. The toggle will be turned off during off-hours. The enterprise workspaces have an option to set up multiple business hours according to different time zones and their business needs. Community workspaces can only set up one set of business hours.
1. Enable business hours.
2. Choose multiple business hours according to your enterprise needs.
### CRM Integration
Please follow the steps given [here](https://docs.rocket.chat/guides/omnichannel/webhook).
### External Frame
If you have an app that you want to integrate with Rocket.Chat and use that app to embed an iFrame in Rocket.Chat to interact with your CRM, you can do so using External Frame.
1. Enable external frame.
2. Add the URL of your external frame.
3. Enter the encryption key, as shown beow:
### Facebook
If your organization wishes to communicate with users of Facebook, you can enable integration within Rocket.Chat to do so.
First, you will need to request an API key from Rocket.Chat Support then set it up within your Administration area.
Send an email to [omni@rocket.chat](mailto:omni@rocket.chat) to request an API key. These are processed as time allows, and may take a few days, but you should have your key and secret soon enough.
1. Enable Facebook integration.
2. Enter your _OmniChannel API Key_
3. _Enter OmniChannel API Secret_. **Save** the changes.
### GDPR
If you are a GDPR complaint company and want to allow your visitors to request to remove their data, Rocket.chat allows you to do that for all your incoming chats, as shown below:
### Livechat
1. Set the title of your widget.
2. Set the color of the title bar of your widget.
3. Enable message character limit.
4. Set the allowed message character length.
5. Display offline form.
6. Validate email address.
as shown below:
Now customize the appears of your livechat widget here, for the hours when none of your agents are online/working.
1. Set **Offline Form Unavailable Message**, if any.
2. Set **Offline Tittle.**
3. Set Title ****bar **Color** for offline widget.
4. Give instructions, if any.
5. Set the email address where you want to receive your offline messages.
6. Set success message to display to the visitor when they have sent their message offline
as shown below:
Some more settings that you can customise according to your needs are shown below:
### RD Station
This is a CRM integration with RD Station.
We setup your token, and when a new livechat conversation starts, your visitor information is sent to the RD station.
### Routing
Routing allows you to define the behaviour of your livechat queues.
### Sessions
description: >-
In this menu, you can assign any user the Agent role. You can also search a
user in the list of agents and remove a user from the agents' list.
# Agents
To access **Agents** settings:
Go to Omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
Settings appear, as shown below:
## **To assign a user the agent role:**
1. Select the user from the drop-down, as shown below:
1. Hit **Add**.
1. The user has the Agent role now, as shown below:
## **To Search an agent by name:**
Enter the agent’s name in the search bar, as shown below:
## **To remove a user from the agent's list:**
To remove a user from the list of agents, hit **remove**, as shown below:
description: >-
This feature allows you to view the chat flow (conversation) and your livechat
agents' performance (productivity) over a span of time that you choose.
# Analytics
To access **Analytics** settings:
Go to Analytics in the omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
## To view conversation history:
1. Select Conversations from the drop-down.
2. Select your desired department.
3. Select your desired start date and end date.
### Details of conversation matrices:
**Total Conversations:** It represents the total number of conversations during the selected period of time.
**Open Conversations:** It represents the total number of open conversations for your selected department during the chosen period.
**Total Messages:** It represents the total number of messages received in all the conversations during a selected period.
**Busiest Day:** It shows the day during which you received the most chats for your selected time.
**Conversation Per Day:** It shows the average count of conversations you received per day.
**Busiest Time:** It shows the hour during which you received most chats for your selected period of time.
You can also see the **percentage of conversations**, an **average of chat duration**, and **total messages handled** by each one of your agents from your selected department, as shown below:
## To view productivity history of your agents:
1. Select Productivity from the drop-down.
2. Select your desired department.
3. Select your desired start date and end date.
### Details of productivity matrices:
**Average of Response Time:** This matrix represents the average of your agent’s team’s responses to all the conversations that are automatically assigned to them during a selected time.
**Average of First Response Time:** This matrix represents the average of the team’s first response to all the chats they pick up.
**Average of Reaction Time:** This matrix represents the average of the team’s reaction to the assigned chats.
You can also see the **Average of First Response Time**, **Best First Response Time**, **Average of Response Time**, and **Average of Reaction Time** of each one of your agents from your selected department, as shown below:
description: Rocket.Chat Enterprise feature
# Canned responses
Canned responses allow you to save message snippets that you can call with shortcuts \(preceded with `!`\) to communicate a quick note to your visitors in Omnichannel and for messaging in regular conversations inside your Rocket.Chat workspace.
Follow the steps to set up the canned responses:
Enable the feature under `Administration` -> `Canned Responses`.
Define which user roles should be able to view, create and delete the canned responses. Go to `Administration` -> `Permissions` and use search to filter the canned responses permissions only:
Enable `Omnichannel`. Using canned responses in regular conversations with other users of your workspace will require Omnichannel feature to be enabled.
Select the department. Canned responses can be created **per department** as shown below**,** or **per agent** right in an omnichannel conversation. ****Click on the canned responses icon \(top right corner\) to create a new canned response.
_If you want to use canned responses outside the Omnichannel, create an empty department. Note that you will need to define which user roles should be able to use the responses; by default this permission is assigned to livechat-agent, livechat-manager, livechat-monitor and admin roles_
Create a canned response:
**by editing a department:**
Fill in the shortcut and the text fields. Click Save and observe your new snippet appear in the list of available canned responses.
**directly in an Omnichannel conversation**:
Try using a canned response in a conversation. Start your message with `!` and a shortcut, or simply select the canned response from the drop-down list that will appear above your text field:
You can also use the same canned responses when talking to your peers outside Omnichannel.
To delete or edit a canned response, open the canned responses dialog in the respective department. Select the response that you wish to delete or edit.
# Current Chats
Current Chats contain all the conversations that you have received. If a chat was not deleted, it appears here. You have various filters available to you to sort these conversations.
To access **Current Chats** settings:
Go to Omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
Settings appear, as shown below:
Filters are explained below:
## 1. Sort by Visitor Name:
To sort the conversations per Guest/Visitor Name, enter the name in the field, and your conversations are sorted, as shown below:
## 2. Sort by Agent Name:
To sort the conversations per Agent Name, enter the name in the field, and your conversations are sorted, as shown below:
## 3. Sort by Department:
To sort the conversations per Department, enter the name in the field, and your conversations are sorted, as shown below:
## 4. Sort by Status:
To sort the conversations per Open/Closed Status, choose the desired status in the field, as shown below:
and your conversations are sorted, as shown below:
## 5. Sort by From and To Date:
To sort the conversations per From and To Date, enter the From and To Date in the field, and your conversations are sorted, as shown below:
## 6. Sort by Tags or Custom Fields:
You can also sort the conversations by Tags or any Custom Fields that you have added in your livechat widget user login. Enter the tag/custom field, and your conversations are sorted.
## 7. Clear Filters:
Hit **Clear filters** to clear all the filters you have set for your sort.
## 8. Delete all Closed Chats:
Hit **Delete all closed chats** to delete all the chats that are marked closed by the agents.
description: >-
In this menu, you can add some additional fields to the registration form your
visitors fill when they start a livechat conversation.
# Custom Fields
To access **Custom Fields** settings:
Go to Omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
Custom Fields menu appears, as shown below:
The registration form has **Name**, **Email**, and **I need Help With…**/Department fields by default, as shown below:
## To add your custom field:
1. Hit Add.
The following page appears.
2. Enter your desired **field** that you want to add to your livechat registration form. E.g., **last-name**
3. Enter its label.
4. Select scope as **Visitor**.
5. Make it visible.
6. Set as a required field if you want.
7. The type of the Last Name field is Input.
8. Set the default value, if any.
9. Set it **Public**.
10. Hit Save.
It is saved in the list of custom fields, as shown below:
It appears in the livechat widget, as shown below:
If the visitor sends a message, it gets reflected in the **Visitor’s Info** as well.
## To delete a custom field:
Hit remove.
# Departments
If you want the omnichannel conversations to be directed to different departments, you can set the departments up in your enterprise Rocket.Chat workspace. For example, you may have livechats coming from various pages of your website, and you might want them to be handled by respective departments.
To access **Departments** settings:
1. Goto the dots menu and hit **Omnichannel**. Omnichannel settings will open up.
2. Hit **Departments.**
To add a new **Department**:
1. Click **New** **Department**.
The new department's settings page will appear, as shown below:
2. Enable a new department.
3. Name your new department.
3. Type in a description. It's optional.
4. Allow your visitor to have the option to choose the department they want to talk to, as shown below:
The option will appear to your customer in the livechat widget, as shown below:
5. Forward your omnichannel conversations to the email address of your choice, during the hours you are offline, as shown below: