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......@@ -23,15 +23,44 @@ Your publisher developer account is created, as shown below:
**To publish your app:**
1. Choose the relevant category
2. Select purchase type If your app is a free app, you can select the **Purchase Type: Buy** and enter the price $0, as shown below:
If it is a fixed price app, select the **Purchase Type: Buy** and enter the price, as shown below:
It is a one-off payment and you are allowed to use it forever.
{% hint style="info" %}
You are allowed to buy the app per workspace. If you have two workspaces and you want to use the app on both, you need to buy the app for them separately.
{% endhint %}
If it is a subscription-based app select the **Purchase Type: Subscription** and set up your plan **tier** wise. It allows you to pay a flat fee according to your unit. An example of this volume-based pricing is shown below:
3. Upload app package
4. Hit **Publish**.
After successful submission, you can see the status of your app as compiling, as shown below:
After we compile you will be notified via email, as shown below:
Then you get notified to review your app, as shown below:
You log in to your cloud account and approve it. After your approval rocket.chat reviews it and you will be notified via email that your app is now listed.
1. Choose the relevant category
2. Select purchase type
3. Enter price
4. Upload app package
5. Hit **Publish**.
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