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......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ Then, let's implement the method `post`**, which will be executed every time onc
Using the CLI command `rc-apps deploy` to deploy the app to your Rocket.Chat server first. Navigate to _Rocket.Chat Admin -> Apps -> Apps Detailed Page_ to check the full endpoint URL you registered for the App.
Open the terminal and use curl post some data to the endpoint. The result should be like below:
......@@ -597,8 +597,10 @@ Code blocks should be fenced.
codeblock using indentation.
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ Important: ADFS uses .pfx certificate extensions \(widely used on Windows landsc
3. Set the _Custom Authn Context_ and _User Data Field Map_ according the scenario you have on your Active Directory Federation services
**Important:** The Custom Authorization context fields must match the authentication methods selected on ADFS. Microsoft Federation Services provides two authentication methods: Forms authentication and Windows Authentication.
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ To access the **Engagement Dashboard:**
2. Click **Engagement Dashboard**.
As an administrator, you can see your _User_, _Messages_, and _Channels_ engagement here.
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ The Message Auditing Panel includes the following features, allowing you or spec
* Review messages between users in the Message Auditing Panel.
* Check details in the Auditing Log about the individuals who used the Message Auditing Panel.
You access the Message Auditing Panel and the Message Auditing Log from the Administration UI ![](../../.gitbook/assets/administrator-ui%20%281%29.png).
You access the Message Auditing Panel and the Message Auditing Log from the Administration UI ![](../../.gitbook/assets/administrator-ui%20%282%29%20%281%29.png).
This feature is only available with the Enterprise and Gold versions of Rocket.Chat.
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ The Message Auditing Panel returns all messages that match the search values def
Note that the auditor does not have to be a participant in the room to be able to read the messages. However, the auditor cannot read the encrypted messages of other users if they are not included in the conversation. In this case, Rocket.Chat recommends that you disable message encryption:
* Go to the Administration UI ![](../../.gitbook/assets/administrator-ui%20%282%29.png).
* Go to the Administration UI ![](../../.gitbook/assets/administrator-ui%20%282%29%20%282%29.png).
* Click **Administration**.
* Scroll down to **E2E Encryption** on the left-side menu.
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ To check the details about who used the Message Auditing Panel and their search
Rocket.Chat recommends the following setting preferences to enable you to view any modified or removed messages.
* Got to the Administration UI ![](../../.gitbook/assets/administrator-ui.png).
* Got to the Administration UI ![](../../.gitbook/assets/administrator-ui%20%282%29.png).
* Click **Administration**.
* Scroll down to **Messages** on the left-side menu.
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ The color of the line when you have unread messages (same day or another)
The close button in the audio upload area (inside message box)
![Message box with audio recording](../../../.gitbook/assets/audio-message-box.png)
![Message box with audio recording](../../../.gitbook/assets/audio-message-box%20%281%29.png)
The leave/delete button in the room info
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ The switch button (when enabled)
The done button in the audio upload area (inside message box)
![Message box with audio recording](../../../.gitbook/assets/audio-message-box%20%281%29.png)
![Message box with audio recording](../../../.gitbook/assets/audio-message-box%20%281%29%20%281%29.png)
### Success Light
......@@ -182,13 +182,13 @@ Room info save button
Checkbox background (Don't ask me again / modal)
![Don&apos;t ask me again checkbox](../../../.gitbook/assets/checked-dont-ask-me-again%20%281%29.png)
![Don&apos;t ask me again checkbox](../../../.gitbook/assets/checked-dont-ask-me-again%20%281%29%20%281%29.png)
### Button Primary Light
The Button Primary Light variable will change these elements: Checkbox border \(Don't ask me again / modal\)
![Don&apos;t ask me again checkbox](../../../.gitbook/assets/checked-dont-ask-me-again.png)
![Don&apos;t ask me again checkbox](../../../.gitbook/assets/checked-dont-ask-me-again%20%281%29.png)
### Alert Message Primary
......@@ -200,13 +200,13 @@ The Alert Message Primary variable will change these elements: The thread icon a
Border and font color in mail messages instructions (inside room -> more actions -> mail messages // when you haven't selected any messages)
![Send messages by email alert](../../../.gitbook/assets/mail-messages-blue-div.png)
![Send messages by email alert](../../../.gitbook/assets/mail-messages-blue-div%20%281%29.png)
### Alert Message Primary Background
The Alert Message Primary Background variable will change these elements: Background color in mail messages instructions
![Send messages by email alert](../../../.gitbook/assets/mail-messages-blue-div%20%281%29.png)
![Send messages by email alert](../../../.gitbook/assets/mail-messages-blue-div%20%281%29%20%281%29.png)
### Alert Message Secondary
......@@ -96,5 +96,5 @@ Click `Save changes` in the top right corner.
On the server, login as a regular user \(not the BOT user\), go to `general` room, and try to talk to your bot by typing `@bot_rasa hello`:
![Rasa bot is talking](../../../.gitbook/assets/rasa-bot-example.png)
![Rasa bot is talking](../../../.gitbook/assets/rasa_bot_example.png)
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