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......@@ -158,10 +158,23 @@ Detail of every setting is listed below:
### Sessions
Sessions allow you to decide how you want to handle your chat sessions when an agent goes offline.
1. You can either forward the chat to another agent, close it or do nothing.
2. Mention the amount of time in seconds that you want to wait before you want to consider that the agent has abandoned the chat.
3. Enter the message to display to the visitor on closing the session.
4. Mention the time you want to wait to consider visitor abandonment?
5. Enable automatic closing of rooms abandoned by the visitor if you want.
6. Enter the message to display to the visitor when room is automatically closed by visitor inactivity.
As shown below:
# Queue Types
There are four types of queue types on Rocket.Chat:
There are four types of queue on Rocket.Chat:
* [Auto Selection \[default\]](livechat-queues.md#auto-selection)
* [Manual Selection](livechat-queues.md#manual-selection)
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