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In this menu, you can add some additional fields to the registration form your
visitors fill when they start a livechat conversation.
# Custom Fields
To access **Custom Fields** settings:
Go to Omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
Custom Fields menu appears, as shown below:
The registration form has **Name**, **Email**, and **I need Help With…**/Department fields by default, as shown below:
## To add your custom field:
1. Hit Add.
The following page appears.
2. Enter your desired **field** that you want to add to your livechat registration form. E.g., **last-name**
3. Enter its label.
4. Select scope as **Visitor**.
5. Make it visible.
6. Set as a required field if you want.
7. The type of the Last Name field is Input.
8. Set the default value, if any.
9. Set it **Public**.
10. Hit Save.
It is saved in the list of custom fields, as shown below:
It appears in the livechat widget, as shown below:
If the visitor sends a message, it gets reflected in the **Visitor’s Info** as well.
## To delete a custom field:
Hit remove.
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