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## Rocket.Chat SaaS
* [Create your new cloud account](rocket.chat-saas/create-new-cloud-account.md)
* [Cloud account Setup Wizard](rocket.chat-saas/set-up-your-new-cloud-account.md)
* [Manage your cloud account](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/README.md)
* [Workspaces](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/workspaces.md)
* [Profile](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/profile.md)
* [Invoices](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/invoices.md)
* [Payment Methods](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/payment-methods.md)
* [Support Ticketing System](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/support.md)
* [Organization Settings](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/organization-settings.md)
* [Cloud Account](rocket.chat-saas/cloud-account/README.md)
* [Create your new cloud account](rocket.chat-saas/cloud-account/create-new-cloud-account.md)
* [Cloud account Setup Wizard](rocket.chat-saas/cloud-account/set-up-your-new-cloud-account.md)
* [Manage your cloud account](rocket.chat-saas/cloud-account/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/README.md)
* [Workspaces](rocket.chat-saas/cloud-account/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/workspaces.md)
* [Profile](rocket.chat-saas/cloud-account/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/profile.md)
* [Invoices](rocket.chat-saas/cloud-account/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/invoices.md)
* [Payment Methods](rocket.chat-saas/cloud-account/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/payment-methods.md)
* [Support Ticketing System](rocket.chat-saas/cloud-account/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/support.md)
* [Organization Settings](rocket.chat-saas/cloud-account/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/organization-settings.md)
* [FAQ](rocket.chat-saas/faq.md)
## Legal
description: >-
Cloud account gives you limited access to manage your rocket.chat workspace.
It's available both for self-managed as well as SaaS customers.
# Cloud Account
The following topics give you all the information you need regarding the setup and usage of your new rocket.chat cloud account.
description: >-
Cloud account gives you limited access to manage your rocket.chat workspace.
It's available both for self-managed as well as SaaS customers.
# Create your new cloud account
If you are a self-managed customer cloud account is optional but if you are a SaaS customer, it is created by default when you first create your workspace with us.
## To create a new cloud account:
* Go to rocket.chat
* Click Pricing.
* Hit SaaS.
* Select your desired SaaS package. Note that if you select **Bronze** or **Silver** you will proceed with a full-featured **Gold** trial.
* You will be directed cloud.rocket.chat website.
* Enter your details as follows:
1. Enter a coupon code if you have any.
2. Enter your name.
3. Enter your email address.
4. Click continue.
* Please enter your workspace details on the next window:
1. Enter your new workspace name.
2. Select region.
3. Confirm the domain name.
4. Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.
5. Click **Launch Trial**.
* You are notified that a verification email has been sent to your email address.
* Open your email account and confirm your email address.
* After you confirm your email you are taken to password setup, as shown below:
* As soon as you click **Continue** on the password page, rocket.chat will start creating your cloud account, as shown below:
* Copy and share the link to your new rocket.chat cloud account with your colleagues. Hit **Start now** to set up your new rocket.chat cloud account.
description: >-
You can use your cloud account to manage things like, your plan, your users,
contact support or cancel your rocket.chat subscription.
# Manage your cloud account
To access your rocket.chat cloud account:
1. Go to [https://cloud.rocket.chat/](https://cloud.rocket.chat/)
2. Enter your email address and password.
3. Hit **Log** **in**.
description: Check and download your invoices.
# Invoices
See the list of your invoices here.
To download an invoice:
1. Click download.
# Organization Settings
If you want to mention additional details of your company, you can do it here:
description: You can manage your credit cards here.
# Payment Methods
You can add multiple credit cards here.
Add a new credit card, as shown below:
Delete a card, as shown below:
Set a card as your default payment method.
If you have only one credit card added, it is impossible for you to delete the only payment method on your own. Please contact [support@rocket.chat](mailto:support@rocket.chat) to get it deleted.
description: >-
You can manage (change phone number or password) your cloud account profile
# Profile
To manage your profile:
1. Click Profile.
2. Change your password.
3. Save changes, as shown below:
# Support Ticketing System
To get support from us, click **Support**, as shown below:
## Ticketing System
You are directed to rocket.chat ticketing system, as shown below:
### Sign up
Click sign up, as shown below:
Enter your name and email address.
You receive the following invitation email.
Accept it and you are directed to the registration link, where you can set up your password, as shown below:
You can create a new ticket in the My Area tab, as shown below:
{% hint style="info" %}
If you want to obtain service under the service-level agreement \(SLA\), please make sure that use our ticketing system. Tickets received from personal emails are not entertained by rocket.chat
{% endhint %}
You can also make use of our knowledge base and check out the articles here:
description: You can manage your workspaces here.
# Workspaces
As soon as you log in, you will see the list of workspaces linked to your cloud account, as shown below:
Click the Add button to add your self-managed workspace.
{% hint style="info" %}
If you want to have multiple cloud workspaces under the same cloud account, please reach out to us at [support@rocket.chat](mailto:support@rocket.chat)
{% endhint %}
If you click on a workspace, you can check the following details.
{% hint style="info" %}
After your first sign up, you are given a 14 days' trial of the **Gold** plan. On the 15th day, you are charged according to your chosen plan.
{% endhint %}
description: >-
The setup wizard guides you through the process of setting up your first admin
user, configuring your organization and registering your server to receive
free push notifications, and more.
# Cloud account Setup Wizard
## Setting up the first admin user
To set up your first admin user:
1. Enter the admin's **Name**.
2. Enter the admin's **Username**.
3. Enter the admin's **Organization Email.**
4. Enter the **Password**.
5. Hit **Continue**, as shown below:
## Configuring your organization
To configure your organization :
1. Choose **Organization Type**.
2. Enter the **Organization Name**.
3. Select your **Industry.**
4. Select the **Size** of your organization.
5. Choose your **Country**.
6. Enter the URL of your official **Website**.
7. Hit **Continue**, as shown below:
## Enter your server information
To enter your server information:
1. **Site** **Name** is populated automatically.
2. Choose your **Language**.
3. Select your **Server Type;** Public or Private team.
4. Choose if you want to **Auto opt-in new users for Two Factor via Email**, or not.
5. Hit **Continue**, as shown below:
## Register server
1. Read and agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy.
2. Hit **Continue**, as shown below:
Verify your password to continue.
Your workspace is ready. Click **Go to your workspace** to access it.
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