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Routing allows you to define the behavior of your livechat queues.
Detail of every setting is listed below:
1. Select your preferred routing method. \(Please refer to [this](https://docs.rocket.chat/guides/omnichannel-guides/omnichannel/livechat-queues) article for information on types of routing methods used in rocket chat.\)
2. Enable acceptance of incoming omnichannel requests even if there are no online agents if you want.
3. Enable if you want the routing system to attempt to find a bot agent before addressing new conversations to a human agent.
4. Set the limit of Max number of items displayed in the queue if you want.
5. Enable if you want to show the livechat queue to all the agents.
6. Mention your External Queue Service URL if your _Omnichannel Routing Method_ is **External** **Service**.
### Sessions
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