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# Trello
Here you'll find the guide on setting up the Trello App for Rocket.Chat.
With this app, you will be able to receive notifications about your Trello activities which include
* Creating cards and comments
* Completing checklists items
* uploading attachments etc
## Installation
{% hint style="warning" %}
It is required you have the following to successfully setup the Trello app
* A publicly accesible Rocket.Chat server
* A Trello account with some boards to be watched.
{% endhint %}
To install the Trello Rocket.Chat App,
* Go to **Administration > Marketplace**
* Search for the **Tello** app and click on the item
* Click **Install** and accept the needed permisions
![](<../../.gitbook/assets/image (647).png>)
You should see an interface with the app details showing you have installed it.
![](<../../.gitbook/assets/image (677).png>)
A direct message is then recieved from the `trello.bot` to assist you with the setup of the app
![](<../../.gitbook/assets/image (659).png>)
Now that you have the app installed on your server, it is time to configure the integration.
## Configuration
* Let's start the setup by running the slash command `/trello setup` in the chat box
![](<../../.gitbook/assets/image (660).png>)
* A set of instructions are given to follow
![](<../../.gitbook/assets/image (682).png>)
* Head over to [https://trello.com/app-key/](https://trello.com/app-key/). Login if needed and accept the terms to see your Trello API key
* Copy the server's url given by the `trello.bot` and paste in the **New Allowed Origin** field on your Trello api page then **Submit**
![](<../../.gitbook/assets/image (697).png>)
* Next copy the `API Key` and `OAuth Secret` from the Trello page. It is needed to complete the configuration on the Trello app's page within Rocket.Chat
* With the credentials provided, hit Save changes to commit
![](<../../.gitbook/assets/image (646).png>)
* After the setup, all you have to do is authorize the user so it can connect and interact with the app. This is done by typing the slash command `/trello authorize` in the `trello.bot` chat and **Authorize** the app to your Trello account.
When all that is done, your Trello app is ready to be used.
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