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#### Can I use other payment method rather than credit/debit card?
No, credit/debit card is the only payment method we accept at the moment.
Credit/debit card is the only payment method we accept at the moment.
## Domain Change
For companies paying up-front for a specific period we do provide invoices to pay by wire transfer.
For SaaS Silver and Gold plans, customers are allowed to setup custom domain for their workspaces. The steps below describes the process to setup a custom domain.
#### How can I have more than one Cloud workspaces under the same Cloud account?
1. Set up a CNAME DNS record for "domain\_you\_want" pointing to "**cdns.use1.cloud.rocket.chat**" \(for US region\) and to "**cdns.euc1.cloud.rocket.chat**" \(for EU region\).
2. Once done, let us know via submitting a ticket here on our Helpdesk or dropping us an email to [support@rocket.chat](mailto:support@rocket.chat) and our Cloud engineers will configure your instance accordingly.
Adding more instances to your Cloud account can only be done by our engineers. Reach out to us at support@rocket.chat and specify the following data for the new workspace you want to add:
* workspace name
* SaaS plan and billing period \(monthly or annual payment\)
* number of seats
* region of the deployment \(US or EU\)
#### How to change Cloud account email?
Cloud account email can be changed at cloud.rocket.chat on the Profile page. If you have difficulties changing the email of the account owner contact us at support@rocket.chat. The request must be sent from the original account owner email.
#### How to request a custom domain?
To request a custom domain, set up a CNAME DNS record for the domain name you want to have pointing to "**cdns.use1.cloud.rocket.chat**" \(for US region\) and to "**cdns.euc1.cloud.rocket.chat**" \(for EU region\). Afterwards, send us an email to support@rocket.chat so we could make respective changes to your workspace.
Please note that custom domain is available in Silver and Gold plans only on SaaS offering.
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