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# Upgrading Rocket.Chat
Rocket.Chat ships out updates frequently, to fix little bugs, address security issues or make small tweaks on a particular version of the app. All these to improve and help keep the application functional.
Upgrade on the other hand is a complete move to another version and is performed less frequently. A few reasons you may want to upgrade your workspace can be:
* Improvements in performance and stability
* Resolve the potential problems by fixing bugs and errors
* Enjoy new features, experiences and functionalities
{% hint style="info" %}
As of the time of this writing, the current version of Rocket.Chat is [`4.6.3`](https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/releases/tag/4.6.3)`using node version 14.x.x`
{% endhint %}
<summary>Upgrading Rocket.Chat on Docker</summary>
To upgrade your Rocket.Chat setup on Docker, it is recommended you backup your data first if you don't have persistent volume for all your data.
1. Stop container by running:\
&#x20;`docker stop <name_or_id>`
2. Delete container:\
`docker rm <name_or_id>`
3. Delete image `docker rmi <name_image>`
4. Create or download the latest container:\
`docker create <name_or_id>`
5. Start container:\
`docker start <name_or_id>`
<summary>Upgrading Rocket.Chat Snap</summary>
The Rocket.Chat snap installation automatically pushes out updates periodically.
To upgrade to a new version, execute
sudo snap refresh rocketchat-server --channel=x.x.x/stable --classic
<summary>Upgrading Rocket.Chat Digital Ocean Oneclick Install</summary>
To upgrade your Rocket.Chat Digital Ocean droplet,
1. Upgrade the update tool:\
`sudo rocketchatctl upgrade-rocketchatctl`
2. Upgrade Rocket.Chat:\
`sudo rocketchatctl update`
3. The server is broken and doesn’t start, because it requires Nodejs 14.x.x\
Install it:\
`sudo apt-get -y update && sudo apt-get install -y curl && curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_14.x | sudo bash setup_14.x`\
`sudo apt-get install -y nodejs`\
``If you face any errors with installing node, reboot your system and you’ll be able to continue with the next steps.\
![](<../.gitbook/assets/image (625).png>)
4. If it's not updated already, change the path to new nodejs in the service config:\
`sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/rocketchat.service`\
In the line beginning with “ExecStart=” replace “/usr/local/bin/node” with “/usr/bin/node”
5. Reload the service and start the server:\
`sudo systemctl daemon-reload`\
`sudo systemctl restart rocketchat.service`
6. Check that it’s running:\
`sudo systemctl status rocketchat.service`
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