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# Security and Compliance Guides
Here you can find all Rocket.Chat security Related Documentation
### One-Stop-Shop
## Learn more
Here you can find all Rocket.Chat security- and compliance-related Documentation with links to the different section to navigate our documentation more efficiently.
* [Security Solutions](https://rocket.chat/security)
* [Compliance Resources, including certifications](compliance-resources.md) like ISO 27001
If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to [security@rocket.chat](mailto:security@rocket.chat)
## Product-related security information
Security is built in myriads of features in Rocket.Chat. Detailed information about each of the security features of our product can best be found via the **search** function of our Docs section. Use keywords \(e.g. OAuth, LDAP, Encryption\) to narrow your search.
We have compiled summaries of important security aspects on the pages below:
### Learn more
* [Compliance Resources, including certifications](compliance-resources.md) like ISO 27001 to help your organization to determine, if Rocket.Chat fits your needs
* [Security fixes and update](https://docs.rocket.chat/guides/security/security-updates) - an overview of vulnerabilities that have recently been closed and in which versions.
* [End-to-End Encryption Specifications](https://docs.rocket.chat/guides/security/end-to-end-encryption-algorithms) - an overview of our algorithms and functionality
## Outside Resources
These are resource that you can find outside Rocket.Chat's Security Documentation:
Below are related resources in other sections of Rocket.Chat's Documentation.
### Privacy
### Security Features Overview
* [Privacy Policy](https://rocket.chat/privacy)
* [Terms of Service](https://rocket.chat/terms)
* [GDPR](https://rocket.chat/gdpr)
* [Security Solutions](https://rocket.chat/security) - features, testimonials and use cases on how Rocket.Chat can help you to secure your data
### Community
### Privacy
* [Report Vulnerabilities](https://docs.rocket.chat/contributing/security/)
* [Code of Conduct](https://rocket.chat/code-of-conduct)
* [Contributions](https://docs.rocket.chat/contributing/security/#whitehat-hall-of-fame)
* [Privacy Policy](https://rocket.chat/privacy) - how we process personal data
* [Terms of Service](https://rocket.chat/terms) - legal documentation on how we provide services to you \(e.g. push notifications, etc.\)
* [GDPR](https://rocket.chat/gdpr) - a special page dedicated to GDPR requirements we implemented in 2018
### Our Website
### Community
* [Security Solution](https://rocket.chat/security)
* [Report Vulnerabilities](https://docs.rocket.chat/contributing/security/) - how to best let us know of the security vulnerabilities you have found
* [Code of Conduct](https://rocket.chat/code-of-conduct) - rules that apply on our servers
* [White Hat Hall of Fame](https://docs.rocket.chat/contributors/contributing/security#whitehat-hall-of-fame) - famous contributors that made Rocket.Chat even more secure
### Rocket.Chat Handbook
* [Company Security Policy](https://rocket.chat/handbook/operations/security-policy/)
* [Company Security Policy](https://rocket.chat/handbook/operations/security-policy/) - how we ourselves do security internally
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