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......@@ -120,13 +120,13 @@ Will sync the avatar, fields, username, etc \(based on your configuration\) of a
Will execute the Background Sync now rather than wait for the Sync Interval even if Background Sync is False. This Action is asynchronous, please see the logs for more information about the process.
## Advanced Sync
## Enhanced Sync \(Enterprise only\)
### Sync User Active State
Determine if users should be enabled or disabled on Rocket.Chat based on the LDAP status. The 'pwdAccountLockedTime' attribute will be used to determine if the user is disabled. This setting is not yet compatible with all LDAP Servers, so if you don't use the 'pwdAccountLockedTime' attribute, you may want to disable it completely.
## Role Mapping Settings \(Enterprise only\)
## Role Mapping Settings
### Role mapping from LDAP to Rocket.Chat.
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