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## Contributors
* [How can I help?](contributors/contributing/README.md)
* [Promoting](contributors/contributing/promoting.md)
* [Documentation](contributors/contributing/documentation/README.md)
* [Documentation Drafts](contributors/contributing/documentation/drafts/README.md)
* [New Feature Documentation Draft Template](contributors/contributing/documentation/drafts/new-feature-draft.md)
* [Feature Change Documentation Draft Template](contributors/contributing/documentation/drafts/feature-change-draft.md)
* [Bug Reporting](contributors/contributing/reporting-issues.md)
* [Developing](contributors/contributing/developing.md)
* [Documenting](contributors/contributing/documentation/README.md)
* [Creating Drafts](contributors/contributing/documentation/drafts/README.md)
* [New Feature Template](contributors/contributing/documentation/drafts/new-feature-draft.md)
* [Feature Change Template](contributors/contributing/documentation/drafts/feature-change-draft.md)
* [Community maintainers](contributors/contributing/documentation/community-maintainers.md)
* [Documentation Contribution Guidelines](contributors/contributing/documentation/contribution-guidelines.md)
* [In depth missing articles list](contributors/contributing/documentation/missing-and-outdated-list.md)
* [Documentation Status Map](contributors/contributing/documentation/documentation-map.md)
* [Contribution Guidelines](contributors/contributing/documentation/contribution-guidelines.md)
* [Status Map](contributors/contributing/documentation/documentation-map/README.md)
* [Missing Articles](contributors/contributing/documentation/documentation-map/missing-and-outdated-list.md)
* [Markdown Style Guide](contributors/contributing/documentation/markdown-styleguide.md)
* [Bug Reporting](contributors/contributing/reporting-issues.md)
* [Promoting](contributors/contributing/promoting.md)
* [Security](contributors/contributing/security/README.md)
* [Responsible Disclosure Policy](contributors/contributing/security/responsible-disclosure-policy.md)
* [Translating](contributors/contributing/translating.md)
* [Developing](contributors/contributing/developing.md)
* [Community Cookbook](contributors/contributing/community-cookbook/README.md)
* [Remote Video Monitoring](contributors/contributing/community-cookbook/remote-video-monitoring.md)
* [Code of Conduct](contributors/code_of_conduct.md)
* [Google Summer of Code](contributors/gsoc/README.md)
* [Google Summer of Code 2017](contributors/gsoc/google-summer-of-code-2017.md)
# Community Cookbook
Here you can find some interesting integrations, gists, and Rocket.Chat usages made by the community.
* [Remote Video monitoring](https://docs.rocket.chat/community-cookbook/remote-video-monitoring/)
* [Redmine Messaging Plugin](https://github.com/alphanodes/redmine_messenger)
permalink: /community-cookbook/remote-video-monitoring/
redirect_from: /user-guides/remote-video-monitoring/
# Remote Video Monitoring
You can use Rocket.Chat to remotely monitor one or more \(10s, 100s, or even 1000s\) geographically dispersed locations.
* home monitoring while on vacations \(from cell phone or Internet Cafe\)
* baby monitoring
* building surveillance
* assembly line quality assurance
* industrial control monitoring
* global/regional crisis/emergency center or medical monitoring
* ... many more
## What you need
The monitoring PC does not need to have camera or mic. However, it must be running a recent copy of Chrome or Firefox that supports webrtc.
At each location: a PC, Mac, Android tablet, embedded computer, or Chromebook running Rocket.Chat with a webrtc supported camera.
## Scalability
The design is massively scalable. With the current edition of Rocket.Chat, you can already monitor hundreds of locations. The server is not loaded by the sessions.
This application really shows off the telecom lineage of webrtc -- Rocket.Chat acts as the 'switch' or 'signaling fabric' and gets out of the way once a monitoring session starts.
## Getting started
You should be relatively familiar with Rocket.Chat's video chat capabilities before attempting to try this feature.
### Install in-band driver
This feature is implemented within the webrtc in-band signaling driver.
The driver is not installed by default. To install the driver, and the feature, you need to first remove the production webrtc driver:
`meteor remove rocketchat:webrtc`
Then install the in-band driver:
`meteor add rocketchat:webrtc-ib`
### Create location 'users'
Create a new user for each location being monitored, for example - living room, dining room, baby's crib, assembly line A, Queen Mary Hospital IC station 1, and so on.
Login as the monitoring user, and create a directed room to each of the locations.
### Setting up locations
At each location, on a machine with supported camera, logon as the location user and go to the directed room.
Click on the top right arrow to open the flex window. You will see THREE buttons:
Click on the `SETUP` button. Your browser will ask for permission to share camera and mic, allow it. This starts live video in the smaller window.
You are all set!
_Note: Make sure the machine will not go into power-save or auto shutoff._
### Remote Monitoring
From your monitoring PC, logon to Rocket.Chat as the monitoring user. Enter any of the 'locations' room and click the `REMOTE` button to view the location. Like video chat, you can switch between up-and-down, side-by-side, full definition, and full screen HD mode once the monitoring starts.
### Early Access
You are working with _early access_ code. The code is working, but it has bugs. You find them, we fix them! If you encounter any bugs, please [create an issue](https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/issues/new).
### Integration and customization
Most frequently asked questions are:
_I have this great app for Rocket.Chat remote monitoring, can I create a monitoring front-end that does not look like a 'Chat'?_
_Can I monitor multiple locations at the same time, and select any one for zoomed-in detailed inspection?_
The answer to both questions is _YES_. Contact any member of the Rocket.Chat team, or specialists in our community if you need professional help.
# Documentation
description: Documentation Contribution Guidelines
# Documenting
Here you will find all that you need to know to start contributing to Rocket.Chat documentation.
* [Contribution Guidelines](contribution-guidelines.md)
* [Drafts](drafts/)
* [Documentation Map](documentation-map.md)
* [Documentation Map](documentation-map/)
* [Markdown Styleguide](markdown-styleguide.md)
* [Missing and Outdated List](missing-and-outdated-list.md)
* [Missing and Outdated List](documentation-map/missing-and-outdated-list.md)
# Documentation Contribution Guidelines
# Contribution Guidelines
First of all, thank you for your interest in contributing to Rocket.Chat Docs. If this is the first Open Source project you will contribute to, we strongly suggest reading GitHub's excellent guide ["Contributing to Open Source"](https://guides.github.com/activities/contributing-to-open-source/).
......@@ -29,7 +29,9 @@ Simply fork our docs repository, [create a space](https://docs.gitbook.com/getti
#### Run it locally
> Note: we do not recommend this method since GitBook Cli is deprecated and it takes a long time to build
{% hint style="info" %}
We do not recommend this method since GitBook Cli is deprecated and it takes a long time to build.
{% endhint %}
When making small changes like typos and such, there is no problem to edit the file directly on GitHub, but if you are making bigger changes or adding new files to the docs, we recommend following this workflow
# Documentation Status Map
description: Documentation Status Map
# Status Map
This is a map of all of the Rocket.Chat Documentation articles
# In depth missing articles list
description: In depth missing articles list
This list is a complement of the [Documentation Map](documentation-map.md).
# Missing Articles
This list is a complement of the [Documentation Map](./).
All the missing and outdated articles on the documentation map will be listed and linked to here.
# Documentation Drafts
# Creating Drafts
When you create a new feature but for some reason can't create a full fledged documentation pull request, you can create a `draft` with is a single file pull request with critical information needed to create the desired documentation, after creating the draft, the documentation team will edit the pull request to suit the documentation standards.
* [New Feature Draft](new-feature-draft.md)
* [Feature Change Draft](feature-change-draft.md)
* [New Feature Template](new-feature-draft.md)
* [Feature Change Template](feature-change-draft.md)
# Feature Change Documentation Draft Template
description: Feature Change Documentation Draft Template
# Feature Change Template
If you created a pull request and believe that it could change something already documented, use this template to create a draft for the documentation.
# New Feature Documentation Draft Template
description: New Feature Documentation Draft Template
# New Feature Template
If you have created a pull request creating a new feature please use this template to create a draft of the documentation.
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