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* [Profile](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/profile.md)
* [Invoices](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/invoices.md)
* [Payment Methods](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/payment-methods.md)
* [Support](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/support.md)
* [Support Ticketing System](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/support.md)
* [Organization Settings](rocket.chat-saas/manage-your-workspace-on-cloud-account/organization-settings.md)
* [FAQ](rocket.chat-saas/faq.md)
......@@ -4,3 +4,21 @@ description: You can manage your credit cards here.
# Payment Methods
You can add multiple credit cards here.
Add a new credit card, as shown below:
Delete a card, as shown below:
Set a card as your default payment method.
If you have only one credit card added, it is impossible for you to delete the only payment method on your own. Please contact [support@rocket.chat](mailto:support@rocket.chat) to get it deleted.
# Support
# Support Ticketing System
To get support from us, click **Support**, as shown below:
## Ticketing System
You are directed to rocket.chat ticketing system, as shown below:
### Sign up
Click sign up, as shown below:
Enter your name and email address.
You receive the following invitation email.
Accept it and you are directed to the registration link, where you can set up your password, as shown below:
You can create a new ticket in the My Area tab, as shown below:
{% hint style="info" %}
If you want to obtain service under the service-level agreement \(SLA\), please make sure that use our ticketing system. Tickets received from personal emails are not entertained by rocket.chat
{% endhint %}
You can also make use of our knowledge base and check out the articles here:
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