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* [Departments](guides/omnichannel/departments.md)
* [Custom Fields](guides/omnichannel/custom-fields.md)
* [Livechat Triggers Manager's Guide](guides/omnichannel/livechat-triggers-managers-guide.md)
* [Livechat Widget Installation](guides/omnichannel/livechat-widget-installation.md)
* [Livechat Widget Installation](guides/omnichannel/livechat-widget-installation/README.md)
* [Troubleshoot Livechat Widget Installation](guides/omnichannel/livechat-widget-installation/troubleshoot-livechat-widget-installation.md)
* [Livechat Widget Appearance](guides/omnichannel/livechat-widget-appearance.md)
* [Webhooks Manager's Guide](guides/omnichannel/webhooks-managers-guide.md)
* [Facebook Messenger Manager's Guide](guides/omnichannel/facebook-messenger-managers-guide.md)
......@@ -10,13 +10,13 @@ To access **Livechat Installation** settings:
Go to **Livechat Installation** in the omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
![](<../../.gitbook/assets/0 (4).png>)
![](<../../../.gitbook/assets/0 (4).png>)
## To install the livechat widget:
1. Copy the given piece of code.
![](<../../.gitbook/assets/1 (11).png>)
![](<../../../.gitbook/assets/1 (11).png>)
1. Paste this code above the last **\</body>** tag on your site; the livechat widget will appear on the bottom right corner on your webpage.
......@@ -24,4 +24,4 @@ Go to **Livechat Installation** in the omnichannel panel settings, as shown belo
If you are running the livechat widget from a different domain to your Rocket.Chat server you need to disable the **Restrict access inside any iframe** option under the General settings as shown in the screenshot below.&#x20;
![Administration > General](../../.gitbook/assets/restrict-access-inside-any-iframe.png)
![Administration > General](../../../.gitbook/assets/restrict-access-inside-any-iframe.png)
# Troubleshoot Livechat Widget Installation
If you face problems displaying the Livechat Widget it's useful to open the browser developer console and check the details of the errors you might be facing.
### Failed to read 'localStorage' properly from Window
![](<../../../.gitbook/assets/Clipboard - May 12, 2022 4\_21 PM.png>)
An error like this is related to your browser settings for third party cookies. You may want to try with another browser or review your browser settings to confirm it's not blocking third party cookies.&#x20;
### Trying to access localhost:3000
![](<../../../.gitbook/assets/Clipboard -2.png>)
You should review the Site URL setting under **Administration** > **General** > **Site URL** variable and possibly also the server name setting on your reverse proxy if you have one to guarantee they are all aligned and corresponding to the same URL being used in your Livechat Widget installed script.&#x20;
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