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* [Channel Actions](guides/user-guides/channel-actions.md)
* [Channels](guides/user-guides/channels.md)
* [Connect to a server](guides/user-guides/connecting-to-a-server.md)
* [Direct messages between multiple users](guides/user-guides/direct-messages-between-multiple-users.md)
* [Multi-users Direct Message](guides/user-guides/direct-messages-between-multiple-users.md)
* [End to End Encryption](guides/user-guides/end-to-end-encryption.md)
* [Logging into a server](guides/user-guides/login.md)
* [Manage your account](guides/user-guides/managing-your-account.md)
# Direct messages between multiple users
description: Direct messages between multiple users
# Multi-users Direct Message
The feature allows the creation of direct message rooms between several users to exchange messages and files.
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