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* [Push Notifications Admin Guide](guides/mobile-guides/push-notifications-1/push-notifications-admin-guide.md)
* [Push Notifications User Guide](guides/mobile-guides/push-notifications-1/push-notifications-user-guide.md)
* [Push Notification Security](guides/mobile-guides/push-notifications-1/push-notification-security.md)
* [Mobile Device Settings](guides/mobile-guides/push-notifications-1/mobile-device-settings.md)
* [Security and Compliance Guides](guides/security/README.md)
* [Compliance Resources and Certifications](guides/security/compliance-resources.md)
* [Security fixes and updates](guides/security/security-updates.md)
......@@ -14,11 +14,11 @@ To subscribe to a push notification package:
3. Login with your GitHub account
4. Login with cloud
4. Login with [Rocket.Chat Cloud](https://cloud.rocket.chat/)
5. Select their workspace from the list
5. Select **the workspace you want to apply the cap to**
6. We apply the cap from that your selected sponsorship to your workspace
6. The cap will be applied automatically with the respective limit according to the selected sponsorship perk.
## Set default user preferences \(admin and users\)
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