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## Trials
#### How long do trials last?
Currently trials last 14 days.
#### How can I convert from a trial to a paid plan?
Our trials are fully featured. So if you enter your card information in the billing section of the [Cloud Console](https://cloud.rocket.chat) your trial will automatically convert to a paid plan at the end of the trial period.
#### How do I cancel my trial?
You can cancel your Rocket.Chat workplace directly within the [Cloud Console](https://cloud.rocket.chat>).
## Data Export
#### How can I get a data export?
Send an email to cloud.support@rocket.chat with the address of your workspace. Note: The request will take some time to fullfill.
## Cloud Accounts
#### I already canceled my workspace but it is still in the “Cancelling” status and is accessible.
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If you need a database dump or if you want to permanently delete your workspace and all the data associated with it - submit a ticket here on our Helpdesk or drop an email to [support@rocket.chat](mailto:support@rocket.chat) with the respective request.
#### How can I create one more workspace with the same Cloud account?
Please, note that this can only be done by our Cloud engineers. If you want to create an additional workspace - submit a ticket here on our Helpdesk or drop us a letter at [support@rocket.chat](mailto:support@rocket.chat) - include workspace address you would like and the plan.
**NOTE**: Additional workspaces are billed based on their individual usage. So if you have 5 users on one and 10 on the other you will get billed for them both separately.
#### How can I change the ownership of the workspace?
If you need to grant the ownership of your workspace to another person or to change the primary email of your workspace - submit a ticket here on our Helpdesk or drop us an email to [support@rocket.chat](mailto:support@rocket.chat) with the respective request.
**NOTE**: ticket should be submitted from the admin email address \(the email address the workspace is registered under\) and should contain the email address the ownership should be granted to/the email address it \(admin one\) should be changed to.
#### I already canceled my subscription but was charged again.
Please, note that we charge our customers afterwards, not in advance. This means that on a particular day of each month you will be charged for the previous month of use.
If, for example, you started your trial on December 1st, it expired on December 15th and your subscription was automatically continued \(you added payment method before trial expired\) - on January 15th you will receive an invoice for the previous month \(December 15th - January 15th\).
#### How can I reactivate my workspace after trial expired?
If your trial expired and you didn’t manage to add your payment method to continue subscription, navigate to Payment methods in your Cloud Console \([cloud.rocket.chat](https://cloud.rocket.chat/)\) -> click on **Add payment method** \(top right corner\) to add your card \(credit/debit card is the only payment method we accept at the moment\).
#### How to change workspace region?
Region is defined upon creation. Please, note that customers can not migrate their instances between regions on their own. This process involves manual work required by Rocket.Chat Cloud team. If you need to switch region - submit a ticket or drop an email to [support@rocket.chat](mailto:support@rocket.chat).
#### How can I change or remove my credit card data?
Please, note that you can not delete the card that is the only one \(default one\) linked to your workspace as well as you can not delete card that was charged last - in both cases you will see the error message “Can't delete last payment option”.
If you need to change the card - add it as a new payment method and make it the default one \(after that you will be able to delete all other cards\).
If you want to remove the card information before canceling your subscription, please note that your payment data can only be deleted along with all the other data associated with your workspace. In order to request that, submit a ticket here on our Helpdesk or drop an email to [support@rocket.chat](mailto:support@rocket.chat).
#### Can I use other payment method rather than credit/debit card?
No, credit/debit card is the only payment method we accept at the moment.
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