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* [Business Hours](guides/omnichannel/multiple-business-hours.md)
* [Monitors](guides/omnichannel/monitors.md)
* [Units](guides/omnichannel/units.md)
* [Tags](guides/omnichannel/tags.md)
* [Priorities](guides/omnichannel/priority-queue.md)
* [Omnichannel Queue Types](guides/omnichannel/livechat-queues.md)
* [WhatsApp Integration / Twilio](guides/omnichannel/whatsapp-twilio.md)
description: >-
As a Livechat Manager, you can set Tags to be assigned to the livechat
conversations by the agents. Tags can be used later for easy searching and
sorting of livechat conversations.
# Tags
To access **Tags** settings:
1. Go to **Tags** in the omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
1. Click the Add button, as shown below:
1. Name your new Tag.
2. Give a description.
3. Select the department the new Tag belongs to, as shown below:
1. Hit **Save**.
Now, the Marketing Support department's agents will have the option to set a **Sales Lead** tag to the conversation if they want while closing it.
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