Commit 4cee425d authored by Isabella Russell's avatar Isabella Russell Committed by Martin Schoeler

Update Team Page (#578)

parent 4e9c8b66
......@@ -125,22 +125,6 @@
photo: yes
country: Germany
- name: Arthur Della Giustina
role: Creative Director
github_username: arthurgiustina
department: Sales
username: arthur.giustina
photo: yes
country: Brazil
- name: Júlia Grala
role: Senior Business Developer
github_username: juliagrala
department: Sales
username: julia.grala
photo: yes
country: Brazil
- name: Leonardo Aramaki
role: Android Engineer
github_username: leonardoaramaki
......@@ -276,7 +260,7 @@
username: daniel.townsend
photo: yes
country: Brazil
- name: Daniel Carboni
role: Head of International Revenue
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