Commit ff320ccb authored by Martin Schoeler's avatar Martin Schoeler Committed by GitHub

fix day on webinars

parent 1ea2d260
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
<div class="webinar-description">
<p class="blog__event-dayweek label--small theme_type--grey type--nomargin">{{ page.dateEvent | date: "%A" }} (GMT {{page.gmt}}) <img class="post-flag" src="/images/flags/{{page.language}}.png" alt="language"></p>
<h4 class="display theme_type--dark">
{{ page.dateEvent | date: "%m %b - %I:%M %P" }}
{{ page.dateEvent | date: "%d %b - %I:%M %P" }}
<p class="desc">{{ page.description }}</p>
{% if page.hosts %}
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