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    Feat/blog (#192) · d4d17979
    Danilo Woznica authored
    * feat(Blog): Set categories
    * feat(Blog): Set search
    * feat(Blog): Add list post
    * feat(Blog): Add Recents and More featured
    * fix(Blog): Some adjust on mobile
    * feat(BLog): Event section
    * feat(Blog): Add Event section
    * fix(Blog): Remove plugins folder
    * feat(Events): Config events
    * feat(Blog): Add search engine
    * feat(Blog): Remove search bar, add link to view all posts and add RSS section
    * fix(Blog): Mobile
    * feat(Blog): Set category list
    * feat(Blog): Add recents page
    * feat(Blog): Style Post
    * fix(Blog): Mobile
    * fix(Blog): Adjusts on blog post
    * fix(Blog): Adjusts
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