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Data Privacy Day at Rocket.Chat
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title: "Data Privacy Day at Rocket.Chat"
- News
date: 2019-01-28 08:00:00
author: Isabella Russell
cover: /images/posts/2019/01/2019-01-28-data-privacy-day/Privacy Day.png
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### Happy Data Privacy Day from Rocket.Chat!
Happy Data Privacy Day!
Today we highlight how important users' data privacy is to us, and how we ensure that it remains protected at all times, day in, day out.
First and foremost, Rocket.Chat allows users to stay in control of their data by offering a self hosted option as standard.
We design Rocket.Chat with privacy in mind. We also build and release as open source which allows our code to be independently audited by 100s of contributors.
We continue to add security measures, and one of the big features we've added to take privacy to the next level is end-to-end encryption.
### Great news: hello EU!
Rocket.Chat is proud to announce the addition of an EU region to our Hosted Cloud offering.
The EU region is a new hosting region located in the EU, in Ireland. This is important because of GDPR data regulations as well as a response to customer requirements to have all of their data remain in the region. This means that, for our EU cloud customers, that data is securely stored and never leaves the EU.
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