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### Swipe actions
We are introducing Swipe Actions. It is a long awaited feature for some of our users and we are really happy that we could make it for this release.
Now you swiping right a conversation on the conversations list, you'll be able to mark it as read or unread and swiping left you'll be able to hide (close)
it or add it to your favorite conversations section.
Although it looks like a simple feature it winded up being such a challenge for us. Firstly because the conversation list can be huge for some users
and as the list grows it becomes harder to keep everything syncronyzed, from user status to last message previews and any other information that might change on another client
and must be reflected seamlessly on the iOS app. Still on the conversations list complexity, supporting grouping and sorting changes without impacting on scrolling performance or
crowding the main thread can be challeging as well. Besides those issues, we found out that Apple's swipe actions API is broken, we've experienced a lot of bugs such as not handling the swipe
animation right and even not supporting images on the actions for cells with a height lesser than 91 pt.
// Suggestion: Image (meme? :P) referecing open source software
### In OSS we trust!
In order to solve our issues dealing with our huge converstions list and supporting swipe actions decently we carefully decided to add two new open source dependencies
to our project, they're DifferenceKit and SwipeCellKit.
DifferenceKit is an awesome diffing algorithm library for iOS development developed and maintened by Ryo Aoyama (@ra1028 on GitHub).
The algorithm is based on the Paul Heckel's algorithm, and the implementation of @ra1028 seems to be the most performatic out there!
Altough it is a young project it quickly has become a popular one and @ra1028 is being very agile on supporting fixing the issues when they come up, you should defintely check it out.
SwipeCellKit is another great open source library, it was created by Jeremy Koch (@jerkoch on GitHub) and is currently maintened by Mohammad Kurabi (@kurabi on GitHub).
This library was conceived due to the frustration of @jerkoch with the limitations of the Apple's swipe actions API, here you can read the backstory:
We decided to choose for a very simple (and good) reason: it just works (better than the Apple's API).
This is why we love open source. A huge thanks for the creators and maintainers of there awesome libraries and a special thanks to our illustrious contributor Samar Sunkaaria (@Sameesunkaria) that handled the implementation of these libraries for us!
That being said you must update your app to the 3.1 version right now and experience the new conversations list experience.
### Contributors
_Thank you all for helping us on this release!_
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