Commit c5f38f21 authored by Marcelo Schmidt's avatar Marcelo Schmidt Committed by GitHub

Update contact.html

parent c997fb76
......@@ -87,13 +87,6 @@ theme: dark
<p class="theme_type--dark type--nomargin">2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400<br>Wilmington, DE 19808<br>United States</p>
<div class="contact-map__tooltip--europe">
<div class="contact-map__tooltip-wrap">
<p class="label--small theme_type--grey">European Office</p>
<p class="theme_type--dark type--nomargin">239 Old Street<br>Hoxton<br>London EC1V 9EY<br>United Kingdom</p>
<img class="contact-map__map" src="/images/team/world-map.svg" alt="World map" />
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