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......@@ -92,6 +92,57 @@ Then run the script:
/usr/share/lemonldap-ng/bin/importMetadataRenater -m -r -i "idp-renater-" -s "sp-renater-"
The script provide the following options
* -c (--certificate) : URL of certificate, to check metadata document signature
* -i (--idpconfprefix) : Prefix used to set IDP configuration key
* -h (--help) : print this message
* -m (--metadata : URL of metadata document
* -s (--spconfprefix): Prefix used to set SP configuration key
* -w (--warning): print debug messages
* -bs (--blocklistsp): list of SP entityID to avoid to modify/import
* -bi (--blocklistip): list of IdP entityID to avoid to modify/import
* -n (--nagios) : output only metrics nagios compatible
* -d (--dryrun): do nothing
* -v (--verbose) : display all actions
* -r (--remove) : remove entityID inside LemonLDAP if was remove inside remote metadata
Example :
/usr/libexec/lemonldap-ng/bin/importMetadata -m -s "sp-fed-prd" -c -bs -r -v -d
This command will
* fetch all SPs metadata from renater
* set a prefix to entity stored inside LemonLdap::NG
* disable local modification of SP
* remove local SPs wich didn't exist anymore in Federation metadata
* show only all modifications to apply
The output is the following :
.. code-block::
Update SP in configuration
Attribute mail (urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3) requested by SP
Attribute eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation (urn:oid: requested by SP
Attribute eduPersonPrincipalName (urn:oid: requested by SP
Attribute displayName (urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.241) requested by SP
Update SP in configuration
[INFO] Dry-run mod no EntityID inserted
[IDP] Found: 0 Updated: 0 Created: 0 Removed: 0 Rejected: 0 Ignored: 0
[SP] Found: 1248 Updated: 1240 Created: 0 Removed: 0 Rejected: 7 Ignored: 1
With "-n" options you could get a "nagios like" output with metrics :
.. code-block::
/usr/libexec/lemonldap-ng/bin/importMetadataFedRenater -m -s "sp-fed-prd" -c -bs -r -d -n
Metadata loaded inside Conf: [DRY-RUN]|idp_found=0, idp_updated=0, idp_created=0, idp_removed=0, idp_rejected=0, idp_ignored=0, sp_found=1248, sp_updated=1240, sp_created=0, sp_removed=0, sp_rejected=7, sp_ignored=1
.. attention::
......@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@ use Lemonldap::NG::Common::Conf;
use LWP::UserAgent;
use MIME::Base64;
use XML::LibXML;
use Data::Dumper qw(Dumper);
sub toEntityIDkey {
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