Commit be59927b authored by Mohamed Khalil Labidi's avatar Mohamed Khalil Labidi
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Fix mariadb dialect in persistence.xml

parent c68a7a10
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
<property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value="jdbc:mariadb://melodic-store:3306/proactive" />
<property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.user" value=""/>
<property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.password" value=""/>
<property name="hibernate.dialect" value="org.hibernate.dialect.HSQLDialect"/>
<property name="hibernate.dialect" value="org.hibernate.dialect.MariaDB103Dialect"/>
<property name="" value="update"/>
<property name="hibernate.flushMode" value="FLUSH_AUTO" />
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