1. 23 Sep, 2017 6 commits
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  4. 16 Sep, 2017 5 commits
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      Upgrade to JUnit4. · 235a5e32
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      Tweak the access modifiers. · 40f01cc0
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      Add precompiled test case classes (and their source code). · f71084ef
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      These precompiled classes will be used, in later commits, to replace the existing tests based on rt.jar (which depends on the test environment and is no longer available in JDK9).
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      Add a ClassDump utility to compare Java classes in unit tests. · 3e8cc21e
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      Currently the conformance tests use ASM to make assertions about itself (via the ClassReader and TraceClassVisitor classes, used to compare classes before and after some transformation). This circular dependency makes some bugs impossible to detect (for instance, bugs where ClassReader silently ignores some parts of a class).
      This new class will be used to replace ClassReader+TraceClassVisitor as a mean of comparing classes at a slightly higher level than bytes (to abstract away non-essential differences such as the order of the elements in the constant pool, in attributes, etc). This new class is much simpler than ClassReader and much closer to the Java Virtual Machine Specification, in order to get a high confidence in its correctness (which is important since it will serve as a basis to check the correctness of ASM).
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      Fix the computation of the Label.DEBUG flag. · aa6ca893
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      The current code can incorrectly classify a Label as "used only for debug", which can yield incorrect stack map offsets due to skipped labels in MethodWriter.visitLabel (see bug #317791). This happens when a label is found for the first time in a debug attribute (it is then flagged as DEBUG), and then appears again in a stack map frame (these labels are extracted after those from the debug attributes, during the bytecode parsing, but the DEBUG flag, if present, is not removed then).
      The fix consists in removing the DEBUG flag, if present, when creating or reusing a label for non-debug attributes.
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